Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No NuNus in 2009!!!

2008 was a great year, but we are all looking forward to what 2009 will bring. Here in our little corner of the world we have achieved quite a bit over the last 12 months. Here's a brief look back at some of our accomplishments:
1. Jeff got a new, better job that he loves AND it did not require us to move again!
2. Max grew up way too much-moving into a big boy bed and room, learning to pedal a trike, becoming a big brother, and today giving up his beloved pacifiers. Good job buddy!!
3. Zach decided to join our little family even with all our craziness. Welcome aboard little bear.
4. I created life AGAIN. What more can I do really?!? I told Jeff today that I threw up almost every day of 2008, lost over 40lbs and came out of it with one of the most handsome little fellows ever. It's still too soon to ask if we are going to do all that again.
5. We actually followed through with our goal of daily family scripture study and family prayer. That one I had my doubts about, but am excited that we have made it part of our routine and plan to continue.

All in all 08 was a great year. I hesitate to list any goals for 2009 because it will frustrate me if I can't follow through with all of them. They are in my heart and I will try my best and this time next year I will let you know how we did.

Happy New Ears Everyone!!

Family Tradition

When Max was about a month old, Jeff dressed him up in a big man suit and tried to play photo studio. Max didn't care for this too much as you can see. I thought Jeff might have learned his lesson....

but then again, maybe not. Zach didn't like it much either. I suppose it is now a tradition. Kind of like getting your picture made with Santa every year, but not exactly the same.

Were we really this good?

This year I really wondered if Santa kept a list of who was naughty and who was nice because I've been here watching and I don't think any of us truly got what we deserved this year for Christmas...THANK GOODNESS!!!!

Here is Max on Christmas morning checking out his loot.
Yes, most of this was for him.
Here is part of Max's new Curious George collection.
Most of the thanks to this goes to his Aunt Jenny.
He already has most of the storybooks memorized now.
Here are the boys and all of there loot. Again I ask, were they really this good?

Max's Paw Paw, a fellow southpaw, found him a left-handed baseball glove.
Now Paw Paw just needs to teach him how to catch with it.
This is the carnage that remained after Christmas morning was over.
365 more days till we do it again!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is NOT the photo we used for our Christmas card, but it is the best one to show our boys' personalities--notice Max picking his nose and Zachary looking annoyed at everything, particularly his brother. We are just finishing up our Christmas cards and they should be mailed out sometime next week.
Yes I am aware that it is Christmas Eve, but since nobody else wanted to move Christmas to February like I suggested months ago, this what you get. I have already informed my family that all of their presents will be late but they are coming. Jeff and I decided to finish our Christmas shopping during the after-Christmas sales, and most of our decorations didn't even make it out of the box this year. But I have forgiven myself for this and am almost sure thamy kids won't remember or care that there were no lights on the house and no snowman display on the bookshelf. We did get a tree and put out the nativity, so I figure our bases are covered.
With that all said I will bid you farewell for now with words from the great Max O "Happy Christmas (not Merry b/c he is Joseph the Wise Man not Mary) Feliz Naughty Dog and Happy New Ears!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Branch Christmas Party

So last weekend was our Church Christmas Party. Because people here either hate me or think I am SuperWoman, I was put in charge of it. Yes, me with a toddler and a newborn. Grand idea I thought. Well I learned to delegate quite a bit and it turned out okay. I'm just glad that it is over.
One of the elements of the Party was a Christmas Program put on by the Primary. I delegated as best as I could and ended up only having to write the script, do the scenery and the costumes. I must not do this delegating thing right. Anyway, b/c I can't sew even a button, all the costumes were from pillowcases and construction paper.
The program was a musical presentation of the nativity. I have never seen a rendition of the Christmas story when the donkey steals all the Wise Men gifts and runs out with baby Jesus, but yes that is what happened in my little play. Max was the donkey!
It was embarrassing, hilarious, and quite memorable. I was watching from the sidelines so I couldn't get any pictures, but some of my friends did. When I get some pics I will certainly post them.
I refuse to be in charge again next year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why is it ALWAYS spaghetti?

So Max told me that he was sick this afternoon. If you know Max, you know that he ALWAYS says he's sick if he's mad, in trouble, about to be punished, or being asked to do something he doesn't want to do. So like the good mother that I am, I ignored him. I told him that if he ate all of his dinner, he could go to the store with me. I'll bet you know where this is going.
So he actually sat down and ate his dinner (something he NEVER does without a production these days). I was grateful and didn't ask questions. When he was finished, we all loaded up in the car and headed the the 80% clearence sale at Mervyns.
Max was unusually cooperative and this began to peak my suspicions. Maybe he really wasn't feeling well. He had just gotten over a cold and could possible be having a minor relapse. Well my suspicions were confirmed in the checkout line when my sweet little boy began projectile vomitting all over the place. Fortunately he only hit the cart and the floor and none of the innocent bystanders.
Is it wrong of me to be glad that it happened in the store and not at home in his bed? All I had to do was buy him a new outfit, change his clothes, and apologize to the poor guy who gets paid minimum wage to clean the floors. I had no sheets to wash, no carpet to clean, and Max was so shocked he didn't even cry. I thought about being embarrassed, but I'll never see any of those people again and besides he's a kid and this sort of thing happens.
So I'm going to bed tonight a little worried about what this all means for the next several days and how bad it may get, but I'm also wondering, why does this only happen when we have spaghetti?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One month already

Zachary has survived his first month as a member of our crazy little branch of the Orwin clan. He seems to be doing pretty well. Max already gave him his first cold, which has been oh so fun to deal with. He's charmed the heck out of all who have met him and stolen the hearts of his grandparents for sure. He's not much of a crier unless he thinks he should be eating and then he doesn't let up until he gets his way. Getting bigger appears to be his favorite thing to do. He started out in the world about 7 1/2 lbs and is now close to 11. Max better watch out b/c Zach will be the bigger brother all too soon I think. Good thing he seems to have a pretty laid back and easy going temperment. All in all he is a delight to have around and a great addition to the family.

December Highlights as promised

Here are a few things that have happened in our little corner of the world the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Lots of Grandma, Paw Paw, and Nana love!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Building a tiny snowman during the 1st snow of the season.

Making a Gingerbread house with Nana (mostly eating the candy)!

A visit to the zoo. Geaux Tigers!

There are plenty of cute stories and adventures to go along with all of these pictures, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to write them all down. Sometimes its more fun to live life than to write about it though. And I'm sure that I have a forever's worth of adventure ahead for me and my family.

Playing Catch up

With the craziness of the last month I have a ton of pictures that I wanted to post but didn't. So here is November at a glance.

We splashed in some puddles.
We ate some turkey and pie.

We had the cars detailed.

We kissed a donkey or two.

And we visited a ranch.

Look for December Highlights coming soon!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Been a while

I know it's been a little while since I've posted. My internet portion of my laptop seems to have crashed, so I have to take turns with my husband on his. If you know Jeff, that means I don't get too many turns!! Anyway, we are still here and still surviving. I have tons of things to blog about and tons of pictures to post, but I'm not very good at catching up on things like that so we'll see what happens. In addition to my laptop woes, my kids are both sick. Well now they are both getting better, but it's been a long week or so. So anyway, I hope I can steal a minute here or there to share our world with you, but no real promises until my computer gets fixed.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Zachary's Blessing

This past Sunday was Zachary's blessing at church. I was very excited that my dad was able to be there and participate. He wasn't able to be there when Max was blessed and I've always felt bad about that. So I was extra excited that he was there for Zach. Jeff did a wonderful job and I am very glad that he was able to do this for our baby. I know that Zach is headed for greatness in this life and I really hope that Jeff and I can give him everything he needs to fulfill his potential. We love you Zach!

***My only regret is that we didn't take more time to get more pictures. This is the best we could do.

I told you so

Zach is an easy going, very relaxed baby. He doesn't demand much (only food ALL the time) and is usually pretty happy. He is however the hardest baby when it comes to changing his diaper. I worked at a daycare center for five years and have changed thousands of diapers and I consider myself pretty much an expert. And over the past two years, Max has never been a problem either. I'm organized, efficient, and very fast. Then the good Lord sent me Zachary.
I was complaining to my mom about how difficult he was to get changed and she was just laughing at me. She told me that he couldn't possible be that hard and I just needed to get a little better at it. I told her okay, take your turn!
She very confidently accepted the challenge and took Zach into his room to change him. I followed right behind her to watch b/c I knew what she was in for.

So she took off his diaper (and was rather cocky about it) and he immediately began pooping all over the changing table. I began laughing and she let out an "Oh my" and grabbed a wipe to clean it up. As she did this he let a fountain of pee loose all over her and the wall. By this point I was crying for laughing so hard. I went to get her a rag to clean up and when I came back she still had not gotten his diaper on and he was sending up another stream of pee into the air. I missed most of what happened after that because I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard. She however did not find any of it funny and she might have been a little embarrassed, much like she will be when she reads this post!
At the end of it, I think it took a towel, half a box of wipes, three diapers and a change of clothes for both grandma and baby to get the job done. All I can say is "I told you so!!"

The BIG Adjustment

Everyone has been interested to see how Max handles the adjustments that come with getting a baby brother. Well, I have been privilege to have a front row seat to the experience. I would say that all things considered he's handling things fairly well. However, the green-eyed jealousy monster is certainly showing up from time to time. Here are a few examples:
The last night that my parents were in town my mom was sitting at the couch holding Zach and Max decided she needed to put Zach down and read him a story. My mom said he could sit next to her and she'd read the book. He told her, "No, it's Daddy's turn to hold Baby Zach and you read me a story." When she said no he fell into a puddle of tears until she gave in (Grandma's give in A LOT!).
He has decided that when Mommy is feeding Zach, that is the time to pitch a fit and demand that Mommy stop what she's doing and fulfill his request. That is always the time that he needs a drink or a snack or a tissue. In fact he threw a fit to beat all fits when I refused to put Zach down to take off Max's shoes. I told him Zach deserves to eat in peace and I'm determined to try and make that possible.
The other day I told Max we were going to the park to play with some of his friends. He got very excited and asked if Mommy could come. I said, "Of course Mommy will come and we are going to bring Zach too." He looked at me very matter-of-factly and said, "Then I don't want to go. You should leave him here." It took me quite a bit of convincing to get him excited about bring Zach to the park. He finally said if he could bring Curious George, I could bring Zach. What a deal.
So from all of this and many more examples, I figure that Max is dealing with things about how I expected. He does have plenty of sweet moments where he wants to hold Zach or share his toys or sing him a song. He really is a sweet boy and is a great big brother. He's just having to adjust to some things, as we all are. But I'm sure that before long they will be inseparable and I won't remember what it was like with just one.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

One handsome fellow

Don't be fooled by that smile. He's trouble looking for a place to happen!

I Wonder

I wonder sometimes, quite often actually, what motivates Max to do the things he does. For instance, what is he doing in this picture I took last week? Max was running around collecting what appeared to be random items from every room of the house. Then he would place them in the hallway. While it all appeared to be scattered and random, as I watched him do it, I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing. He would put something down, stand back and look at it and then slightly adjust it so it was just so. He seemed to have some sort of plan or idea in mind as he did this. He selected the specific papers he wanted to use, dug through the kitchen drawer to get just the right pot holder, and sifted through his box of toys to get the right ones.
In the end it looked like some kind of a stepping stone pathway, but to where and for what purpose, I guess we will never know. When I asked him what he was doing he just smiled at me and said, "I'm busy."
I wonder sometimes.

Friday, November 21, 2008


It is fun getting to know little Zachary and what he's all about. He definately already has his own little personality. First of all, he growls. It's kind of a warning he gives before he really gets mad and starts yelling. It's very cute, I think, and we've started calling him Baby Bear. That nickname is also because he is a hairy little fellow. He's also a smart kid. He can tell time. He knows exactly when it's almost time to eat. For example, tonight I mentioned that he would probably need to eat again around 11 pm. At 10:55 he started growling and then pitching a fit and Jeff asked what was wrong with him. I looked at the clock and of course it was time to eat.
Let's see...what else have we learned about Zack? He doesn't like his diaper changed or taking a bath, but he does like to have his hair washed. He likes to be cuddled up or swaddled, which is new to me b/c Max absolutely hated that. He poops more than any baby I've ever met. He almost never spits up. And he's one of the two cutest, smartest, sweetest little boys in the world. (Guess who the other one is?!?) Here are a couple of pictures to share and I'm sure I will have many more to come.
This is Zack's first bath. As I said before, he was NOT a fan, but he sure smelled better afterwards.

He was not sure about the boppy thing when we first tried it, but he didn't scream about it either so maybe it has potential.

I love his hair. It's so fun to play with. I can't wait to put some gel in it and see what I can do!

I just thought this was a cute picture.

Best Big Brother Ever

Max is the best little big brother there ever could be. He has been so patient with us as we've been back and forth to the hospital and now that Zach is home he has been such a good little guy. He thinks Zach is great (so far) even though he cries a lot. He likes to hold Zach and say, "Zachary, you're my best friend!" He was very disappointed to find out that Zach can't play trains with him and doesn't drink juice or lemonade, only milk. But he still likes him and thinks we should keep him. I'm sure he's done and said some other cute things, but I'm a little sleep deprieved at the moment so my brain isn't really on top of its game. This is the best pic I have of the two of them together so far. I know it looks like Max is choking Zach, but he really isn't (I don't think). Hopefully I'll get some better ones soon.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He's Home!!!!!!!!

Zach made it home yesterday!!!! Jeff and I went into the hospital yesterday morning determined to bring our boy home. We told them to do whatever they needed to do to my baby because I wasn't leaving again without him. Amazingly enough it worked. At 4:30 I was able to walk out of the hospital for the last time, carrying little Zachary with me. It was great. He's happy, he's healthy, and he's glad to be home. I have some great pics, mostly of Max meeting his little brother, but I'll have to post them later. I have two kids at home now and they are already keeping me busy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going Wireless

Zach is done with his IV antibiotics now and his system is clear of any infection and his WBC count is normal. They took the IV out this afternoon so now he is wireless!! We are very excited that we are almost done with all of this. The NICU staff has been beyond wonderful, but I really just want to get my baby boy home. We should find out something a little more definate about that tomorrow morning when I talk with the doctor. Zach's biliruben levels are a little high so he is getting phototherapy right now, but it shouldn't take too long to resolve that. Jeff and I were able to play with Zach a little better tonight since he wasn't connected to so much stuff. He was looking around a lot more and very wiggly and loves being able to use both hands. He was really acting like he felt good and he's been eating like a champ too so that is helping I'm sure. So we are one day closer to being done with all of this. I will let you all know what's next. Until then, here are some pictures to enjoy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to the World

Welcome to the world Mr. Zachary Xavier Orwin!!!! Zack was born on Thursday, Nov 13 at 11:43 AM. It was a somewhat uneventful delivery with me doing all the work and Zack showing up for the big finale. He weighed in at 7lbs. 11 oz and is 21 3/4 inches tall. Two pounds and 3 inches bigger than Max was. See I'm already comparing the two!!!
As I said the delivery was rather uneventful, however things got way too interesting after that. Zack was unable to maintain his body temperature or his blood sugar so they ran some tests on him and discovered that his white blood cell count was too high and he had some sort of infection. Unfortunately this meant he had to be admitted to NICU for IV antibiotics.
So this is where we are now (48 hours later). Zack has been in the NICU for 2 days. His body temp is up to normal again and he's maintaining it well. His blood sugar has stabilized and he is eating like a champ. His WBC count is going down and his cultures are coming back negative. These are all very good things and the doctor is hopeful that he will be able to come home on Monday.
I hate that I can't bring my baby boy home yet, but I know that he is where he needs to be right now. The nurses have been great and we have been able to spend a lot of time with Zack. It's kind of hard to be there and here with Max too, and I'm grateful my parents have been here to help. Max has been a trooper and is looking forward to meeting his little brother. I will try to keep everyone posted on what is going on but I make no promises. I'm a little scattered right now. But everything should settle down in the next few days. I have more pics and I will try to get them posted as well, but again no promises.
Again, welcome to the world Baby Zack!!! We love you!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Tomorrow afternoon begins the eviction process of wee little Zack. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and terrified all rolled in to one. I'm sure all will go well. I just can't wait to get the little guy into my arms. We'll let you know how it all goes. See you on the other side.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stupid Monkey

Yesterday Max lost Curious George. I knew this would happen, but it was still quite annoying. He went to go take his afternoon nap and couldn't find George. He immediately collapsed into tears (he was tired and is always a little dramatic) and started sobbing "I need my George. Where's my George?" I told him he needed to go look for George because I didn't know where he was. Max's idea of looking for something is to follow me around crying because he can't find it.
I began searching the house and honestly couldn't find George anywhere. The sobbing was turning into bawling and wailing and I was quickly losing my patience. I said, "AAAARRRRGGGHHHH I can't find that stupid monkey anywhere." Max looked up at me with his cute little tear filled eyes and said, "Mommy, please find my stupid monkey."
I eventually found him in one of the drawers in Jeff's office. The reunion was quite touching. He sure loves that stupid monkey.

And the countdown begins!

I went to the doctor this afternoon and he told me if Zack doesn't make an appearance on his own by next Wednesday, he was going to schedule an induction. I have a little bit of mixed feelings about this, but ultimately I don't need the drama that surrounded Max's arrival (story for another day), so I'm siding with the doctor. This means in no more than seven days I will have another kid. Wow. We'll see how this goes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Voted Cutest Scary Lion

Our local news station periodically asks viewers to send in photos for little contests and whatnot. Every now and then I have a good picture that fits into their category and I send it in. Last year it snowed during Thanksgiving and I got a great pic of Max with his snowman so I sent it in and Max was picked to be on the news as the spotlight kid (or something like that). I tried to find that picture to post but I couldn't. Sorry.
Anyway, last week the same station was asking for Halloween pictures. I emailed this picture of Max as a scary lion and he was selected as the cutest scary costume and got rated 5 stars. He was on the news again (and this time we were good parents and actually recorded it for posterity). He was also chosen as the Trick or Treat cover pic in the newspaper!! If you hurry you might be able to still see him at
It gets better. We went out to get pizza the other night and someone recognized him. He wasn't even in costume but the lady knew he was the cute lion kid from TV. Now we just have to teach him to write his name so he can sign autographs!
I know I'm acting like one of those obnoxious, braggy parents and some may say that Max gets chosen for stuff like this because he's a minority around here, but I don't care. He won and winning is all that matters!! Now I just have to figure out how I can make a profit out of this.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Done!!

I'M DONE!!!!! The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy and I am happy to say that I am finished with my To Do Lists (mostly anyway). Here's a look at the last 10 days.
1. Get everything bought, found, washed, ready for the baby. CHECK (with my mom's help)
2. Help my friend pack and move to CA. CHECK
3. Speak in a church stake meeting. CHECK (although it was the worst talk I've ever given)
4. Help plan, prepare, and participate in the Trunk or Treat. CHECK
5. Write, practice, and present the Primary Sacrament Program. CHECK
6. Planned and delegated responsibilities for church Christmas Party/Dinner/Program. CHECK

And I did all of this with a two year old under my feet, my husband out of the country, and a hundred people asking me "when are you having that baby?" I officially declare myself Superwoman Queen of the World and dare anyone to complain that they are tired, busy, or have too much to do. I am nine months pregnant (and still have morning sickness) and I am now on maternity leave. I told everyone at church that their Primary President is MIA until January 1st and I am considering changing my phone number.
I'm going to have my baby in peace now. I will see you all on the other side.

***I will still be blogging though of course b/c I can't actually disappear for the next three weeks like I would like to, but I needed to get that off my chest.

Make room for George!

Max has never gotten attached to a toy or a blanket or anything...until now. I found this Curious George doll at the dollar store and thought Max would like it because he likes the show. Well they felt an immediate connection and haven't spent a moment apart since. George joins us for meals, shopping trips, church, and especially bedtime. They share snacks, read stories together, and take turns on the swings. It is really cute to watch the two of them. I went back to the store and bought a few more of them in case something happens to poor George. I don't know if their connection is because Max's friend moved away or he has just found a kindred spirit in a stuffed monkey. Whatever it is, I'm happy for them both.

Trunk or Treat

We had our church Trunk or Treat on Saturday. Here is our ferocious lion. Aren't you frightened! Max loved getting the candy and saying Trick or Treat to everyone.

We decided Baby Zack needed a costume too, so this is what we came up with.

After about 3o minutes Max decided the lion costume was too hot and itchy so he took it off and spent the rest of the evening eating candy and socializing.

Family Night

We had some cookie dough we needed to use and no other plans this past Friday night, so we decided to make some Halloween treats. Max had a great time helping make all the cookies and was very excited to realize that the dough wasn't just playdo; that it was cookie dough that turned into something yummy to eat!

He also liked playing in the flour which Mom loves to clean up!

We added some sprinkles to make the cookies look more festive. Max thought is was great fun too. He ended up picking off most of the sprinkles and eating them before the cookies were done.

Our finished product. We aren't crafty people so please don't judge us.

The cookies may not have been the prettiest but they were yummy enough to be gone by the end of the weekend!

Best Friends

Max's best little friend moved to California last week and I've had a hard time explaining to him that Isaac moved far away and we can't go to his house anymore. He lived right down the street from us and so Max sees his old house and still wants to go play. I've tried to occupy him with other friends and that seems to distract him, but I guess it will take him some time to move past this. Life can be tough even when you are a little guy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mardi Gras Mambo Anyone?

I live in the desert where nobody celebrates Mardi Gras. Actually I don't think many people around here have even heard of Mardi Gras. However over the past week I have been hearing the Mardi Gras Mambo song all over town. My neighbors were playing it the other night, I heard it in a store while I was shopping, and I've heard it at least twice on the radio.
Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad song or anything, but it's weird to hear it right now. It's Halloween time not Mardi Gras, it's the wrong season, and as pathetic as it might sound, it makes me a little home sick. All week I've been dying to take off my top, wear some plastic beads, and eat dried out cinnamon rolls covered in colored sugar crystals that are a beast to get out of the carpet.
Am I missing something or are these desert people as weird as I've always thought they were?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I turned twenty-eight today. I'm getting up there I guess. Fortunately I tend to surround myself with people who are older than me so it makes me feel a little better! I was going to post something profound today, like 28 kernels of knowledge I have acquired over the years or something. However, I could only think of about 6 things I've learned and that doesn't make me look too bright, so I will save my wisdom for another day.
All in all I guess getting older isn't too bad. Some of my friends got together and we all had lunch and cake today so that was nice. Unfortunately my party was also a going away party for a good friend of mine who is moving to CA. It was still nice for all of us to get together though and nothing can be too bad if you have cake. Max has enjoyed unwrapping and taking all of my presents so that's fun for him. Jeff has once again had to reassign my birthday to another day due to scheduling conflicts, but I'm sure we will get together sometime before Christmas to celebrate. Anyway, it is late and I am rambling like the old lady I'm turning into so I'll just say 28 down and hopefully more than 28 more to come!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blurbs of the Week

Walking past Jeff's office, I heard a tiny little voice singing. I stopped to listening because Max sounds so sweet when he does that. Then I realized that he was in the office by himself. I peeked my head in to see what he was up to and saw him digging through a knocked over trash can singing "I Am a Child of God." I asked him why he was playing in the trash can and he smiled at me and said "I'm from Texas, Mom."
Allrighty then.

Max has learned to love the word crap. (I'll give Jeff the credit for that.) Now everything is Holy Crap, Oh Crap, or my personal favorite, when he has a dirty diaper, "I smell like dog crap." Wonderful I know. Now instead of just Holy Crap, he inserts people's names like Holy Hannah, Holy Cobey, Holy Isaac. Yeah, he's a hit in the nursery at church. I will probably be apologizing for things he says for the rest of his life.

I was getting ready to leave the house this morning and Max said, "Mommy has to go to the doctor." I said yes (even though that's not really where I was going, I was just trying to get out of the house without too much discussion) and Max asked,"How's your blood pressure, Mommy?" He picks up on EVERYTHING!


As I mentioned before, my mom came for a visit this past week to help out with a few things. Actually she just wanted an excuse to come play with Max again, but I did make her work quite a bit while she was here. Max loves his Gwam-maw (Max has a southern accent mixed with Texas twang). He is a showman and she is a captive audience. He was disappointed that Paw Paw didn't get to come this time, but they will have lots of time to catch up when he is out here next month. I really do wish we were closer to family so these trips could be easier and more frequent.
I have tons of blogging to catch up on regarding Gwam-maw's visit (we'll see if that ever happens)but in a nutshell we had a great time and got a lot done so it was a success all the way around!

Trip to the Zoo

Jeff has been working and traveling quite a bit and last week he decided to surprise us by taking the morning off and going to the zoo with Max and me. We had a really fun time and we all enjoyed being together. The weather was great and what two year old doesn't like the zoo. All in all it was one of those great days to do something a little different to remember what's really important!