Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Meant To...

I meant to start walking again when the weather cooled down, but Max walks too slow to burn any calories.
I meant to start exercising on the treadmill, but it won't fit in the house so it stays in the garage which smells like gasoline, paint, and sawdust AND there is no air conditioning.
I meant to go on a diet last week so I would look better at 30 than I do at 29, but my friend Angela brought me a bag of chocolate truffles for my birthday and my friend Kammie made me a cake. It would be impolite and a bad friend of me if I didn't indulge.
I meant to figure out how to make a cowboy shirt for Zach's Halloween costume, but here it is the day before the Trunk-or-Treat and I know it's not going to happen. He'll be cute anyway.
I meant to cook a real dinner every night this week, but Tuesday I was tired and the kids were grumpy and only wanted PB&J so I gave in.
I meant to go to the storage unit and get out the winter clothes, but an early winter storm came through last night and I didn't get a chance. Now I don't even have a jacket and it's kind of chilly.
I meant to blog about my trip with Jeff to San Diego 3 weeks ago, but since we didn't bring the camera I didn't have any pics to post. And who wants to read a post without pictures??
I meant to blog about all the cute things my kids have said and all the fun things we've seen and done, but time just gets away from me.
HOWEVER....I vow today to do better. If there is anyone out there who still tries to read this blog, stay tuned. I started this site as a journal of my life with my kids, one I can share with others, and I'm going to get back to it. These guys are little only once and I don't want to forget all those priceless moments. So any readers left out there, keep an eye out for me cause I'm back!

Oh crap! Look at the time. I need to go pick up Max from school!!