Sunday, July 18, 2010

Max is 4 !!!!

Monkey Boy Max is 4 years old!!! His birthday was the 12th of July but his celebrating started July 3rd and I think ended yesterday. Way to stretch it out. He partied at Grandma Mouse and Paw Paw's when they took him and all the cousins to Chuck E Cheese and had a Buzz Lightyear Cake. He got spoiled with lots of presents and fun. Thank you to everyone that came. I wish I had pics but maybe I can get some from my mom.
He also thinks that Aunt Jan's 4th of July swim party was for his birthday too. Well there was cake and lots of friends and fun, so maybe it was a little for him.
Then this week Grandma Nana came for a visit and took him shopping for his birthday and got more cool presents and then we made a green race car cake and had another mini party. So I'm all partied out now and don't want to do it again until October when it's MY TURN!!
I was going to spend some time and make a cool race car cake, but he wanted to help and it was for him anyway, so this is what we came up with.
He wanted to eat it all but was gracious enough to share a little. Red velvet cake, green cream cheese frosting, and rocky road ice cream--what a combination!!

We didn't have candles so we thought sparklers would work just as well--and they did!!

Happy Birthday Buddy!! We love you!

More House Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from my house. Enjoy!!
This is our sunroom. It's 300 sq feet and airconditioned so it's a great place for the boys to play "outside" when it's rainy or way too hot (both happen quite regularly here). We love this room!

This is our den. Not a great pic of it though. We have since added a 55 gallon fish tank in the right corner and are looking for the right piece of art to hang over the mantle.

This is the gameroom upstairs. I keep most of the boys toys up here, but they do a great job of spreading them around the house b/c it would be too simple to just clean up one room!

This is Max's room. In the corner is his new train table and dresser and the far wall has two closets for him as well. The walls are painted Buzz Blaster Blue in honor of his hero Buzz Lightyear.

Zach's room is the same size as Max;s and just across the hall. We painted it a nice soothing Sand color which I want to use in a lot of the other rooms, but we will see in time what gets done.

I don't have pics of the master, the outside, or the apartment, but I will try to get some and put them up soon. Hope you enjoyed!!

New House

I am finally posting some pictures of our new house in Houston!!! Here are a few pics of the downstairs. If I get a chance tonight I will put some pics of the upstairs too. I need to get pics of the outside and the guest apartment so those won't be added till later.
Let me just say the I LOVE our house. It truly feels like our home and I hope and pray we can stay here for a LONG, LONG time. Sorry I haven't blogged so much lately. Things have been incredibly and ridiculously insane the last few months. Maybe I will blog about it one day or maybe I will just start from here and try not to look back. We shall see!This is our entry way and foyer. To the right is Jeff's office (too messy to take a pic) and to the left is the formal living room.

This is our formal living room and dining room. I bought some chairs for the living room and Jeff and I are debating over paint colors. So if we ever do anything with it, I'll let you know!!

One of my favorite rooms in the house--my walk in pantry. There is so much room in here I can't believe it. Plenty of room for storage so we never have to worry about running out of the necessities--like Diet Coke!!

This is the kitchen (well half of it). All new appliances! To the right is a space where we are putting in a little office nook for me so I don't have to share Jeff's office. There is also a laundry room to the right so I don't have to wash clothes in the garage anymore!!

This is the breakfast nook with a huge window behind it. The door opens to the deck in the backyard. There are a million windows in this house but this one is one of the biggest!
Well that's the start of the tour of our home. After I get the kiddos to bed I might get a chance to put up a few more pics. Stay tuned!!