Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Poop Fairy?!?

Max has been somewhat potty trained for a little more than a month now. I say "somewhat" because he still can't make it through the night and he hates pooping in the potty. He wears a pull-up at night to handle that issue, which I'm fine with for the time being. However, the pooping thing is getting ridiculous. He started out just simply refusing to poop at all. Well nature only lets that go for so long. Then he would wait until he had his pull-up on b/c he didn't want to poop in his underwear. Well eventually he got over all of that and was just pooping in his underwear and taking it off and leaving it for someone else to clean up. How lovely!
Well Grandma Nana (Jeff's mom) was here this past week and found a solution to our problem. She told him that if he pooped in the potty she would give him money to buy a treat. Well, he promptly pooped in the toliet and showed me the $3.00 she gave him. $3.00!!!
Jeff said whatever it costs for him never to clean up poop again was worth it. I told her it was too much and I didn't want to go back to work so I could pay for my kid's poop. So the next day she only gave him $1.00. Still I think this is a bit much. What do we do when the kid starts losing teeth? Besides why should the kid get paid for something everyone else gladly does for free? But then again, it's only $365 a year. Twenty years from now we could use his poop money to help pay for his mission. Hmmmmm

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Zach, Hat, Hat on Zack

Zachary is really growing up (and out, and around!!). He's a roller-over now, but only one way so far, he luaghs hysterically at his big brother, and his favorite thing to do still is to eat. He hates lying down and loves to sit in his little seat or on someone's lap and flap his arms and legs. He's determined to fly I think and the way he's going at it, he just might. He's still very content most of the time and a good little sleeper at night (unless Jeff happens to be home and then he wants to play with Dad at 4AM). Max thought he needed a hat. What do you think?
I think he's a doll. My mom thinks he still looks like a Mexican Eskimo-whatever that means!

Spring Training in AZ

My parents came for a visit last week and we took my dad to AZ for some Spring Training games. Jeff and I went with my dad and Max and we left Zachary at home with Grandma Mouse. Despite being a little under the weather myself, we all had a great time. Max could not have been any better, especially with the long car rides involved and I think (and hope) that my dad thoroughly enjoyed himself. Maybe we'll be able to do it again if we stay here in the desert for another year.

Camping In

I "helped" Max build a tent in the living room.
Then he wouldn't let me get in it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too much of a good things??

Those of you who know mean, know that denim is a pretty regular part of my wardrobe. I own plenty of other kinds of clothes, but in my opinion you can rarely go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans. They are comfortable, never need ironing and they go with almost anything.
Well today I decided to wear a pair of khaki capris (mostly b/c it's hot and I didn't have any clean jeans!). When Max saw me this morning he came over and rubbed my leg and said, "What happened to your blue pants Mom?"
Nothing gets past him!