Sunday, November 23, 2008

One handsome fellow

Don't be fooled by that smile. He's trouble looking for a place to happen!

I Wonder

I wonder sometimes, quite often actually, what motivates Max to do the things he does. For instance, what is he doing in this picture I took last week? Max was running around collecting what appeared to be random items from every room of the house. Then he would place them in the hallway. While it all appeared to be scattered and random, as I watched him do it, I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing. He would put something down, stand back and look at it and then slightly adjust it so it was just so. He seemed to have some sort of plan or idea in mind as he did this. He selected the specific papers he wanted to use, dug through the kitchen drawer to get just the right pot holder, and sifted through his box of toys to get the right ones.
In the end it looked like some kind of a stepping stone pathway, but to where and for what purpose, I guess we will never know. When I asked him what he was doing he just smiled at me and said, "I'm busy."
I wonder sometimes.

Friday, November 21, 2008


It is fun getting to know little Zachary and what he's all about. He definately already has his own little personality. First of all, he growls. It's kind of a warning he gives before he really gets mad and starts yelling. It's very cute, I think, and we've started calling him Baby Bear. That nickname is also because he is a hairy little fellow. He's also a smart kid. He can tell time. He knows exactly when it's almost time to eat. For example, tonight I mentioned that he would probably need to eat again around 11 pm. At 10:55 he started growling and then pitching a fit and Jeff asked what was wrong with him. I looked at the clock and of course it was time to eat.
Let's see...what else have we learned about Zack? He doesn't like his diaper changed or taking a bath, but he does like to have his hair washed. He likes to be cuddled up or swaddled, which is new to me b/c Max absolutely hated that. He poops more than any baby I've ever met. He almost never spits up. And he's one of the two cutest, smartest, sweetest little boys in the world. (Guess who the other one is?!?) Here are a couple of pictures to share and I'm sure I will have many more to come.
This is Zack's first bath. As I said before, he was NOT a fan, but he sure smelled better afterwards.

He was not sure about the boppy thing when we first tried it, but he didn't scream about it either so maybe it has potential.

I love his hair. It's so fun to play with. I can't wait to put some gel in it and see what I can do!

I just thought this was a cute picture.

Best Big Brother Ever

Max is the best little big brother there ever could be. He has been so patient with us as we've been back and forth to the hospital and now that Zach is home he has been such a good little guy. He thinks Zach is great (so far) even though he cries a lot. He likes to hold Zach and say, "Zachary, you're my best friend!" He was very disappointed to find out that Zach can't play trains with him and doesn't drink juice or lemonade, only milk. But he still likes him and thinks we should keep him. I'm sure he's done and said some other cute things, but I'm a little sleep deprieved at the moment so my brain isn't really on top of its game. This is the best pic I have of the two of them together so far. I know it looks like Max is choking Zach, but he really isn't (I don't think). Hopefully I'll get some better ones soon.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He's Home!!!!!!!!

Zach made it home yesterday!!!! Jeff and I went into the hospital yesterday morning determined to bring our boy home. We told them to do whatever they needed to do to my baby because I wasn't leaving again without him. Amazingly enough it worked. At 4:30 I was able to walk out of the hospital for the last time, carrying little Zachary with me. It was great. He's happy, he's healthy, and he's glad to be home. I have some great pics, mostly of Max meeting his little brother, but I'll have to post them later. I have two kids at home now and they are already keeping me busy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going Wireless

Zach is done with his IV antibiotics now and his system is clear of any infection and his WBC count is normal. They took the IV out this afternoon so now he is wireless!! We are very excited that we are almost done with all of this. The NICU staff has been beyond wonderful, but I really just want to get my baby boy home. We should find out something a little more definate about that tomorrow morning when I talk with the doctor. Zach's biliruben levels are a little high so he is getting phototherapy right now, but it shouldn't take too long to resolve that. Jeff and I were able to play with Zach a little better tonight since he wasn't connected to so much stuff. He was looking around a lot more and very wiggly and loves being able to use both hands. He was really acting like he felt good and he's been eating like a champ too so that is helping I'm sure. So we are one day closer to being done with all of this. I will let you all know what's next. Until then, here are some pictures to enjoy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to the World

Welcome to the world Mr. Zachary Xavier Orwin!!!! Zack was born on Thursday, Nov 13 at 11:43 AM. It was a somewhat uneventful delivery with me doing all the work and Zack showing up for the big finale. He weighed in at 7lbs. 11 oz and is 21 3/4 inches tall. Two pounds and 3 inches bigger than Max was. See I'm already comparing the two!!!
As I said the delivery was rather uneventful, however things got way too interesting after that. Zack was unable to maintain his body temperature or his blood sugar so they ran some tests on him and discovered that his white blood cell count was too high and he had some sort of infection. Unfortunately this meant he had to be admitted to NICU for IV antibiotics.
So this is where we are now (48 hours later). Zack has been in the NICU for 2 days. His body temp is up to normal again and he's maintaining it well. His blood sugar has stabilized and he is eating like a champ. His WBC count is going down and his cultures are coming back negative. These are all very good things and the doctor is hopeful that he will be able to come home on Monday.
I hate that I can't bring my baby boy home yet, but I know that he is where he needs to be right now. The nurses have been great and we have been able to spend a lot of time with Zack. It's kind of hard to be there and here with Max too, and I'm grateful my parents have been here to help. Max has been a trooper and is looking forward to meeting his little brother. I will try to keep everyone posted on what is going on but I make no promises. I'm a little scattered right now. But everything should settle down in the next few days. I have more pics and I will try to get them posted as well, but again no promises.
Again, welcome to the world Baby Zack!!! We love you!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Tomorrow afternoon begins the eviction process of wee little Zack. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and terrified all rolled in to one. I'm sure all will go well. I just can't wait to get the little guy into my arms. We'll let you know how it all goes. See you on the other side.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stupid Monkey

Yesterday Max lost Curious George. I knew this would happen, but it was still quite annoying. He went to go take his afternoon nap and couldn't find George. He immediately collapsed into tears (he was tired and is always a little dramatic) and started sobbing "I need my George. Where's my George?" I told him he needed to go look for George because I didn't know where he was. Max's idea of looking for something is to follow me around crying because he can't find it.
I began searching the house and honestly couldn't find George anywhere. The sobbing was turning into bawling and wailing and I was quickly losing my patience. I said, "AAAARRRRGGGHHHH I can't find that stupid monkey anywhere." Max looked up at me with his cute little tear filled eyes and said, "Mommy, please find my stupid monkey."
I eventually found him in one of the drawers in Jeff's office. The reunion was quite touching. He sure loves that stupid monkey.

And the countdown begins!

I went to the doctor this afternoon and he told me if Zack doesn't make an appearance on his own by next Wednesday, he was going to schedule an induction. I have a little bit of mixed feelings about this, but ultimately I don't need the drama that surrounded Max's arrival (story for another day), so I'm siding with the doctor. This means in no more than seven days I will have another kid. Wow. We'll see how this goes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Voted Cutest Scary Lion

Our local news station periodically asks viewers to send in photos for little contests and whatnot. Every now and then I have a good picture that fits into their category and I send it in. Last year it snowed during Thanksgiving and I got a great pic of Max with his snowman so I sent it in and Max was picked to be on the news as the spotlight kid (or something like that). I tried to find that picture to post but I couldn't. Sorry.
Anyway, last week the same station was asking for Halloween pictures. I emailed this picture of Max as a scary lion and he was selected as the cutest scary costume and got rated 5 stars. He was on the news again (and this time we were good parents and actually recorded it for posterity). He was also chosen as the Trick or Treat cover pic in the newspaper!! If you hurry you might be able to still see him at
It gets better. We went out to get pizza the other night and someone recognized him. He wasn't even in costume but the lady knew he was the cute lion kid from TV. Now we just have to teach him to write his name so he can sign autographs!
I know I'm acting like one of those obnoxious, braggy parents and some may say that Max gets chosen for stuff like this because he's a minority around here, but I don't care. He won and winning is all that matters!! Now I just have to figure out how I can make a profit out of this.