Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Question of the Week

Actually this is a question that came up last week, but it is something that bugs me every time it happens. We were out with a group of people over the weekend and someone mentioned how chatty Max is. Well, duh. It takes about 30 seconds with him to figure out that he never runs out of things to say. Anyway, that's not my point. So this person, who doesn't really know us very well, said that Max seemed like a very intelligent kid and must get that from his dad.
Are you seeing why I am annoyed?? Now I am not criticizing this person, because as I said, we don't know each other well. But I do find it irritating that people assume that Max is smart b/c Jeff is smart. And this happens QUITE frequently. Yes, I know that I married a very intelligent man. I was smart enough to do that and I still maintain that the smartest decision Jeff ever made was to marry me. I appreciate that Jeff is a bit of an intellectual, but I'm no dummy either. He may have out scored me on a few tests (I'm sure he tried harder than I did) but I have more college degrees than he does...so HA!!
I'm not trying to bash my husband's thirst for knowledge or make me sound like the smartest girl ever. I just wonder why most people jump to the conclusion that my children are brilliant because of their father's contributions to their genetic makeup and discount the stimulating environment in which I nurture them on a daily basis. I just wonder.

Monday, February 22, 2010

White Sands, NM

We live about 2 hours outside of White Sands, NM which is basically a beautiful white sand beach with NO WATER. One of God's little jokes I guess. Anyway, we took Max when he was a baby and didn't think there was much to it so we never took the time to go back.
Well a lot of people I know love White Sands and talk about how much fun their kids have when they go. So last weekend Jeff and I decided to take the boys and try it again. I am glad we did b/c we all had such a good time. The weather was beautiful; sunny and 60 degrees with a light breeze. I was hoping to get some good pictures of the kids while we were there too, but they were less than cooperative. They kept taking turns looking at the camera so I don't have any pics of both boys looking at me. Oh well, thank goodness for photoshop!!
My boys!! (Jeff is using this pic and another to make one where they are both smiling at the camera!)
ALL my boys!! Again not everyone can look at the camera at the same time!!

Now no one is looking but they are still cute!

Max and Zach took turns flying the kite. They got it all the way up as far as it would go! When it was Zach's turn I thought he'd let go, but he took it and would not give it back. He wandered around pulling the kite string for about 15 minutes!

I was so proud of Max for trying out the sled on the hills. It's like a slower version of sledding in snow. He was VERY nervous to do it, but was brave enough to try it once and that is all it took. Then we couldn't get him to stop. Even when he'd fall off, he get back up and do it again (very unMax like). So I know he had a blast!
Great day for us all. Fun family day...that ended with Max puking M&Ms all over the car on the way home...but that's what memories are made of!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Plans for 2010 are OFFICIALLY underway. This lovely home is up for the taking. Anyone interested in making West Texas their new home, just come on over and take a look. We don't care who you are, we just want your money!!!
Yes, our house is now officially up for sale. Something I've wanted to do for quite some time. Don't get me wrong; it's a great house. But we have decided to move to East Texas now and the commute would just get annoying! So I have spent the last month, with the help of my MIL and two ALWAYS sick little boys, getting the house in perfect condition to impress the new owners. (Jeff did a few things too!!)
So now we wait and pray and wait and pray. I told Jeff that we should both be pretty skinny by the time we move with all the fasting we are gonna be doing! While we will certainly miss some great friends here in the desert, I'm excited to move on to the next chapter of our lives.
And so we wait!