Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playschool--Here we come!!

A few new friends in the area decided to start up a rotating Playschool group for their 2 yr olds and asked Zakky and I if we'd like to join up. We thought it was a great idea and joined in on the fun. It will be 2 hours once a week and each week a different mom is in charge. This frees up the rest of us to do as we please with our well deserved break. Since Max doesn't have school on these days I don't get alone time but I do get some one-on-one time with Max so it works out well.
Today was our first day and Zach thought it was great. The group is nothing but cute, blonde, curly headed girls and Zach!! Jeff thinks it's great that he has all the women now. Zach didn't cry when I dropped him off and when I picked him up he said, "Had fun momma! Had fun!' Then he told me he "paint a elmo (rainbow) and played wif girlfriends!" Tooo cute!
Max starts preschool next week and I am hoping for just as positive an experience. Wish us luck!!

After school he was so tired he fell asleep on the floor in Jeff's office. School is great!!

Momma "Nose"

This is why Mom says "Don't play 1-2-3-CRASH. Someone's gonna get hurt!"
(Notice the smashed in pig nose that lasted a week)
Sorry Momma! We won't do it again (for at least 5 more minutes)!

Another trip to Home Depot

I love our house. Really I do. However, I am not enjoying the time and money I am spending at the Home Depot in order to make our house a home. This past week I moved the couch to sweep under it and found all the hardwood floors were warped from some sort of water damage. Futher investigation showed that the wax seal on our toliet failed and was sending water under the floor and under the wall into our den. Fun time!
So here are some pictures of when a $3 thing breaks and causes $300 in damages!
Our toliet drain---EEEWWW!
Our toliet --in the hallway now

The flooring we have to pull up and replace once we find the matching wood.

Just another day in paradise!


For the last 4 years we have lived in the desert. That means plenty of sand, but no water. And if you know my husband, that makes for a sad little fellow! Now that we live closer to the ocean (the gulf actually) we have been trying to take full advantage. All my boys would be beach bums given the opportunity. Enjoy!!
I love this pic b/c Zakky looks like he's up to something!! (He usually has that look!)

My beach boys

Waiting to catch a wave!

Max has become obsessed with surfing. He's actually getting to be a pretty good little boogie boarder considering he's terrified of water deeper than his waist!

What's a vacation without some spa treatments?? My boys are pros at the mud baths if anyone is interested!

Moody Gardens Staycation

Jeff had a week of vacation this summer--I know! Amazing isn't it!!--but since we were still settling in from the move and all we decided to have a Staycation and just explore our new area. We spent a few days working on the house b/c there is always work to be done, but then went and had some fun.
We took the boys to Galveston for a few days. It's only about an hour from our house and had a lot of fun stuff we wanted to check out. It was nice to get away for a bit (even though we had to go back home for a bit in the middle of it b/c our house alarm was set off by a storm). Long story.
Anyway, here are some pics of our trip to Moody Gardens.
My boys don't look alike but somehow they often seem to look alike. I love it!

The one token picture to prove that they have a mother and she goes on vacation with them!

This was suppose to look like Jeff is feeding them to the shark but the shark was hanging to high and Jeff wasn't being tall enough and well it didn't really work out!

But we did get pictures of them in jail!!

Max has really grown up a lot this summer. He was even brave enough to try out the kiddie zipline and really enjoyed it! I was shocked!!

We loved Moody Gardens. It's affordable and very age appropriate for my boys. I am sure we will make it back there for another visit. (We'd better--I bought season passes!!)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Before and After--My new work station

As soon as we moved into the house I decided this little nook in the kitchen would be perfect for a workstation. Jeff and I decided this would be the weekend to make it happen. We were suppose to be working in the yard, but 100+ degree temps, brought us back in rather quickly. We divided up the tasks to complete everything, and I have to say I LOVE the results. I did my part by having the idea, making the plans, shopping (everything for the project was either on sale or bought with a coupon or both!), and staining the cabinets. My wonderful, fabulous, oh so talented husband did the rest. I sat back and watched my vision come to life, while trying to keep the kids out of the way!! I am so excited about how great it looks--and that it's FINISHED! We have a lot of projects in this house and we are finally starting to see some of them come together. So we know I love it, what do you think?? BEFORE


Busy, Busy, Busy

We've been busy working and playing around here quite a bit. While our good friend Onnie was here for a few days, she helped me figure out my sewing machine and I was able to put together this cute little apron. I think it turned out pretty darn fabulous considering I'd never touched the machine before. Onnie was a great teacher and said I was a better student than I give myself credit for. I think she's just incredibly patient. Jeff asked if I was going to wear it while making dinner that night and I just laughed. This baby is going in a museum!!! (Besides, I don't cook dinner, we go out!) Whatever the case...I think its cute!!
While we were working on our sewing projects, Max and Liah were playing dress up. Max came out as a "secret private detective"...a very inconspicuous one!!! And Liah was going for the western cowgirl look. Having girls around makes for a whole different kind of play!!

Just thought I'd throw this in as a handsome picture of my boys. My little heartbreakers!!