Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st Real Haircut



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Night with the Diablos

We went to our last Diablos baseball game last week. We will be moving soon and there are no more home games before we are gone. We have quite enjoyed going to the games over the last 4 years. It's a minor league team in a smaller stadium so it's very afforable and kid friendly. It's one of the highlights of our summers here. We went to this game with some friends who go to church with us and live down the street. There kids are the same age as our kids and play great together. We have enjoyed getting to know them and wish they had moved here longer ago so we could have done more things together. That's ok b/c we will meet again when Max marries their sweet little Lily. I just know it will happen!! Zach is just chillin out and waiting for mom to break out the cracker jacks and churros. He only comes to the games to eat!
Max had to wear a baseball hat to the game so everyone would tell him how handsome he was!!

Max and Lily posing with the mascot chicken. I still don't know why the Diablos mascot is a chicken, but whatever works!!

Florida 2010

We took a trip to the Florida coast at the beginning of May. The real reason behind the trip no longer matters, so we'll just call it a mini family vacation. We stayed at a beachfront hotel (which is the only way to do it with kids!) and my kids LOVE the beach. Me, not so much, but I guess I'm odd girl out. I love the sounds and smells, but hate sand and not crazy about saltwater. But anyway...
Since Jeff wasn't around much the first day we were there (long, unimportant story) I was a good, brave Mommy and took the boys to the beach myself. Kids require a whole lot of crap to go to the beach...buckets, shovels, towels, sunscreen...just to name a few things. So I got them ready and hauled all there junk out the the beach. It was worth it though b/c they had a blast.
Max was brave enough to run out into the water a little ways to get his feet wet. The water was still too cold to really swim though.
Zach tangled with the waves a little too boldly and decided he'd better stick to the sand. One of his smarter decisions I think.

Max became a sandcastle building expert by the end of the trip. He must get that from his dad.

We went to the pool a little later (again more changing of clothes and hauling of crap) but Zach decided he'd trying sunbathing over swimming.

Max stayed in the pool until I had to drag him out. He was freezing and turning blue, but kept insisting that the water was nice and warm and fine to play in. He brought his giant squirt guns and spent the afternoon trying "not" to squirt the other people around the pool. It was great b/c they were having a wedding just over the wall in the beachside pavillion and I was sure that Max was going to aim jsut right and hit the bride. That would have been perfect!
We will have to make it back to the beach this summer b/c my boys love it so much. I don't know that it will be in Florida, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.


On our mini vacation to Florida, we decided to go to the Kennedy Space Center and see the space rockets. Max LOVES spaceships, space rockets, rocket ships, whatever you want to call them and was SO excited to go. Unfortunately the trip turned out to be one of the most disappointing days of his life. He literally ran across the Rocket Garden toward the space rockets and shouted "So which one do I get to fly today?" Poor kid, I guess we forgot to mention that they were all for show. After he realized that he #1 could not fly them, #2 could not ride in them, and #3 could not even watch them blast off and "blow fire" he sighed heavily and then asked if this place had a playground or something else he could do. Even a $10 ice cream cone didn't make him feel any better about the day.
Gas for the Rental Car $3 a gallon
Price of Admission $80
IMAX Movie tickets Included
Ice Cream Cones $10
Crushing a Little Boy's Lifelong Dream Priceless
Way to go NASA!!

All these rockets and none of them fly???

I'm just here to be cute and follow my big brother around!

This is as close as the boys got to flying to the moon. Not a bad pic of their daddy though!

Yeah I was there. This was at the beginning when Max was gearing up to be an astronaunt.

The closest thing we have had to a family photo in quite some time. Help Aunt Erika!!

Rainbow School Circus

Max's preschool puts on a cute little program about once a month. For March they had a circus! The kids made decorations to hang all over the auditoruim and the kids dressed as different circus icons and sang songs and danced for friends and family. It was very cute!! This little school has been so fun for Max and we are going to miss it terribly. I don't think there is another preschool in the world that would have been so patient with our little guy's struggles with adjusting. But here we are at the end of the year and he is doing so well. His shyness has been replaced with boldness and he is quite the little entertainer!! Max is the smallest kid in his class so they alway put him in the center of the stage and I'm suppose to hide in the back so he doesn't see me and cry (I have that affect on him I guess). So I didn't get very good pictures of him. In this first shot he is standing directly in front of the lady in front of the man, so no one can really see him.
Here are some of the cute decorations the kids made. Popcorn around the popcorn stand; they also had cotton candy, peanuts, lemonade, and a bunch of animals.

This is how Zach entertained himself while we watched the program. I guess he's ready to be the star of the show too!!

Here is the best pic I got of Max. He is the boy on the right between these two grown ups' shoulders. He looked very cute, I promise.
This was his first program that he didn't get scared and cry. He was SOOO proud of himself afterwards. We were too!!