Friday, September 2, 2011

He's gettin SOOOO big!

We love Joe--or Joseph, Joey, Jo Jo, Lovebug, Baby Boy--whatever you choose to call him. Jeff and I haven't settled on a nickname for him yet and he gets called all sorts of things. Zach and Max have taken to calling him Joey and that just might stick. In the beginning that was probably my least favorite shortening of Joseph, but if that's what his big brothers want then it will most likely stick. We shall see.
Joe loves his brothers, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Joe's a good sport with the big boys and finds them quite amusing most of the time. But sometimes close is a little too close.
Joe is always laughing and has smiles for everyone--except the camera. These pictures are rare because as soon he sees the camera he gets a blank stare on his face.
I guess our love of trains has carried on with boy #3 (#4 if you count Jeff). He loves to be right in the middle of the action and see what's going on.
Joey continues to be a great baby. He hardly ever fusses. He tolerates the overabundance of love and attention from the big boys. He is perfectly content to sit and watch the antics of our lives. He loves to eat and is now trying out cereal, although I think he much prefers the ice cream his dad sneaks him when I'm not watching. He's not a huge baby, at 4 months he is not quite 14lbs and about 25 inches, kind of in between M and Z when they were this age. He is the calmest, most easy going baby I've had. He's very quiet unless he's really laughing or crying bc he's hungry. It's strange to have someone who's quiet around here. I'm sure that won't last!! But I'll take it where I can get it!