Monday, June 11, 2012

Something's Missing

This picture deserves a post all of its own.  Max has lost his first tooth!  When Max first noticed it was loose, I got very worried.  If you know Max, you know he has a flare for the dramatics and doesn't like to deal with new things.  He has a particular aversion to people messing with his mouth.  His first dentist asked us not to come back.  His second dentist agreed to work with him but it took 6 assistants to get him through his first exam.  Now he is getting a little use to it but I still was extremely worried at how he would react when his tooth came out.
For the first 2 days that his tooth was loose, we got an update on its progress literally every half hour or so.  He was very concerned.  When it didn't immediately come out, he settled down a bit and for the next few days only talked about it 20 or so times a day.  That's when I began praying about his tooth.  Jeff was out of town for a while and I did not want to have to handle the drama of pulling a tooth by myself.  Well my fervent prayers were answered and his tooth fell out at school!  He was around all of his friends who thought he was really cool and the teacher made a big deal about how special it was.  He was so excited.  So was I! 
He told me all about it when he came home from school.  Then Zach wanted to see it.  Then Zach dropped it on the floor and I spent half an hour trying to find it while Max cried.  I found it.  The tooth fairy traded with him for a silver dollar and life is good.  One huge milestone taken care of with much less drama than I expected. 
However, now he has decided all his teeth are loose and spends a large amount of time wiggling them trying to guess which one will come out next.  We shall see!

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