Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Costa Rica Part 2

One of the things I was really excited about doing in CR was ziplining.  I have heard how fun it was and I wanted to be brave and do it.  Jeff didn't think I would do it so that made me even more determined.  We found a place called The Monkey Zipline where you can glide through the rainforest like the monkeys do.  It was really pretty even though it was a dry rainforest (which I didn't realize even existed).  And it was not humid--which I totally appreciated.  We rode a little bus to the top of the "mountain".  J said it wasn't high enough to be a real mountain but me being from below sea level--it was high enough!!

 This was us on the first platform.  I was terrified and couldn't stop shaking, but I never let on that I was sure I was going to die.  I just kept going.  I was proud of myself for even attempting this and it was actually pretty fun except that I was focused on not dying the whole time!
 I have to admit I was really bad a ziplining.  Evidently I didn't trust the line and kept holding on too tight.  This would make me slow down and get stuck.  I knew what I was doing wrong, but I certainly couldn't convince my body to what it was suppose to.  My "survival instincts" kept getting in my way!  The one time I really tried to just let go and zip, I didn't stop in time and crashed into a tree.  And I took my guide with me.  It was great fun!
Jeff took to it much better.  He had  a lot of fun.  He even braved the Tarzan swing at the end.  I passed on that, not bc of the swing but bc of the rickety ladder you had to climb to get to it.  Nope, once I got back on solid ground I was good to stay there.  But I proved to myself that I could do it and now I can mark that off my bucket list!

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