Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Costa Rica Part 3

While in CR we took a boat tour of one of the nature preserves.  It was a beautiful day and we had some fun people on the tour with us.  The guides were great about pointing out everything and letting everyone get all the picture they wanted.  It was really relaxing and enjoyable, but after the first few hours I wish they didn't stop to show us EVERY iguana in the trees.  There were LOTS of iguanas and once you've seen one (or owned one in my case) they just aren't that fascinating.

 These are some flowers the guide passed out to the boat.  They are very beautiful and smelled exactly like GARLIC.  Not something I'm going to grow in my yard!

 There were lots of crocodiles along the river and swimming around us.  It was neat to get up close but not too close.  Again though the southern girl in me kept thinking how scrawny they looked compared to alligators!

The guide stopped the boat to pick up a few extra passengers--Capuchin Monkeys.  A whole family climb out of the trees and onto our boats to eat our bananas and whatever else they could find.  You could tell they were use to the boats bc they were not timid at all.  It was super fun.

While we were gone, our boys had an awesome time being spoiled by Grandma and Paw Paw.  We left something fun for them to do each day that we were gone.  These were their new puzzles.  I think Grandma and Paw Paw had fun too, but they sure seemed tired when we got back.  I wonder why???

Jeff and I had an awesome time on our vacation.  Sometime we forget how much fun we can have together.  It was a nice reminder.  Life is great and I'm a lucky girl!!

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