Monday, June 11, 2012

Ending Kindergarten

The end of school makes for a very busy month of May, especially in Kindergarten.  Max had is end of the year field trip to Old McDonalds Farm.  I brought the little boys too and we had a fun day.  Max spent most of the day hanging out with his buddies so I didn't get too many pictures of him.  His favorite part was rolling down the giant pile of hay.  Simple pleasures!

 Joe and Zach had a fun time too.  Zach rode the horse for the first time there and seemed to like it.  The last time we were there he was a little too afraid, but now he's a pro.

Max's end of the year program was quite a production.  As a room mom I was up there helping with the backdrop and decorations quite a bit.  Then Grandma Mouse was able to come for the big day so we could all enjoy the program.  Max had a speaking part about friendship and did it flawlessly.  He wrote his part himself and never let me hear it till the day of.  It was a full program with several full length songs and dozens of speaking and singing parts.  I was quite impressed, especially since the school has like 200 kindergarteners.
It was a fun school year and I learned a lot.  It's so different seeing school through the eyes of a mom instead of a teacher.  I learned a lot by being the room mom too, mostly that I'll never do that again!!  :)  It was fun to be involved but its a TON of work.
Well my baby is now a kid who reads, writes, makes gross noises and tells lame jokes.  He grew up so much this year and has really amazed me with what he has learned and how much he's matured.  I guess my baby's not such a baby anymore!

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