Monday, June 11, 2012

Sea World

Our first trip of the summer was to Sea World.  We decided to go early in the summer before it got too hot and we decided to invite Grandma Mouse and Paw Paw to come too.  It was a really fun trip.  We had taken the boys back at Thanksgiving but it was fun to go again and see the summer shows instead of the Christmas ones. 
Zach was tall enough and brave enough this trip to go on the log ride roller coaster.  I think Paw Paw helped him out a little in the bravery department.  Mommy, Joe, and Grandma gladly sat this one out and stayed dry (for a little while).  Zach said he loved the ride and was proud that he went but didn't want to go again.  Max on the other hand could ride those rides all day.  I can't wait till he's tall enough to ride some real rides!

 Max loved the water ski show (one that they don't do in the winter).  He and Paw Paw went down after the show to meet the stunt guys and the pretty girls.  I don't know who's idea that REALLY was!  :)

 My boys love to take pictures with characters no matter who it is.  In this case they didn't know who it was but they wanted to hug him and say Cheese!
 Shamu is definately the favorite attraction for our group.  Zach thinks orcas are the best creatures ever.  He's still trying to figure out how we can have one as a pet.

 Joe did better on this trip than I thought he would.  He hates riding in the car and makes sure everyone knows it.  And he's not a huge fan of the stroller, but he was a trooper.  It was really hot for him I think but that didn't stop him from trying to hang with the big boys.  This is him trying to scale the giant net at the outdoor playland.  He's a determined little fellow.

 The boys also managed to stop by the Alamo while we were in town.  Max learned about it at school and just had to check it out.  Now he can mark that off his bucket list!
Overall it was a great trip.  Gma and Paw Paw seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did.  We  may have to do it again (for Thanksgiving, not in the summer!).


Hudson Family said...

Sounds like soooo much fun!!! Your boys are so big and still so adorable.

friv 4 said...

Your travels and experiences as well as the memories are retained. Family and loved ones together.